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April Jordan

Managing Director

April Jordan started Wow Your Brand in 2012. She’s a best-selling author with over seventy published novels. When April began the company, she set out on a mission to keep the organization small and personable and to provide value to her clients—always working hard to give personalized service to all customers.

Today, Wow Your Brand has blossomed into a full-service marketing and event planning company. April and her team work with authors, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and businesses to create and execute marketing plans that help them reach their target audience and goals. They also have the knack for taking events from ordinary to extraordinary by adding creative spins that personalize each event while working closely with local caterers throughout the process. Contact April Jordan and Wow Your Brand today!

John Jordan

Creative Director

John Jordan is a creative guru. An artist his entire life, his design creations are showcased throughout California, Texas and the digital world. He has the ability to look at a company – match and understand their brands visual needs.

He has a unique talent to take these visions and create end products that not only look amazing, but also can be seamlessly integrated into the company’s overall brand and marketing strategy. He has a passion for working with start-ups and helping them grow, and has a drive to always create the best product possible.

Mary Webb

Brand Manager

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Information Management, Mary demonstrates her technological background to social media, website traffic and communications, as it relates to current business environments.

Her interest in data management was a natural progression to Brand Manager, the title she currently holds at Wow Your Brand; assisting the company with website updates, social media campaigns and messaging.

Mary is our Central Coast connection and virtual assistant. While she isn’t working, she enjoys gardening, hiking, wine tasting and reading.

Marc Davis

Coder & Developer

Marc Davis has had a passion for computers since he was seven years old. At the age of twelve, he was already coding his own games. His passion led him to study at ITT Tech. In his spare time, he’s a competitive online gamer. 

Keauna Jordan

Graphic Design & Events

Keauna Jordan is dedicated to our clients and loves to showcase their brand across all their platforms. A talented makeup artist in her spare time, she loves the beach, her family and to hang out with her friends. 

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